Team Game – Fanatic Alliance vs. Cygnar

Team Game – Fanatic Alliance vs. Cygnar
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Although we took a week off from the free-for-all game, Renwolf, Patman, Jgoewert and myself wound up playing a multiplayer team game, 350 points per person. Turns out a couple of arch enemies but aside their religious differences to do something important – try to beat up on some Cygnar.

Team 1: Cygnar

  • Cygnar DeploymentStryker (JGoewert)
    • Ironclad
    • Gun Mages
    • Stormblades
  • Siege (Patman)
    • Defender
    • Lancer
    • Journeyman Warcaster
    • Gun Mage Captain Adept
    • Rineholdt

Team 2: Fanatic Alliance

  • Fanatic Alliance DeploymentKrueger (Renwolf)
    • Woldwarden
    • Argus
    • Gorax (proxied by the primed Argus)
    • Lord of the Feast
    • Shifting Stones
  • Feora (Myself)
    • Crusader
    • Devout
    • Revenger
    • Choir
    • Wrack x3

Turn 1

Cygnar’s advance was pretty strait forward. The Gun Mages got a 6″ snipe from Styker and Jr. put Arcane Shield up on the Stormblades. The GMAC ran into the woods and Stryler’s Ironclad moved to the leftmost flank. Everything else on their side of the table walked forward. A trio of Gun Mages fired an Arcane Inferno at the closest Shifting Stone and managed to destroy it, taking away their teleportation capability.

Cygnar Advance

Fanatic Alliance
Feora’s jacks ran up 8″ and she moved up behind them, camping on the remaining 3 focus. The choir moved up and put Safe Passage on the warjacks. Krueger’s beasts ran up to the little woods in front to hide from the Cygnaran guns.

Fanatic Alliance Advance Staredown

Turn 2

With no targets in range, John’s Gun Mages spread out to have a larger field of fire on the following turn. The Ironclad ran forward and Stryker moved up and tossed an Earthquake at the Circle units but couldn’t catch anything in the deviation. The Stormblades ran up again to get out in front. Jr. put Arcane Shield on the Lancer, which ran out in front of the Protectorate army. Siege threw two shockwaves which ripped back through the Menite forces and killed the warpriest and a pair of acolytes. Siege and Rineholt stayed back behind their cover. The GMAC ran over to the far left flank near Stryker.

Bowling Results Cygnar’s Left Flank Cygnar’s Right Flank

Fanatic Alliance
A turn of two feats. Renwolf and I decided to try to throw both our feats out there to finish off the infantry and create a big enough point discrepency on the board to carry us through to the end. The Crusader Advances towards the Lancer. The Devout followed up and took a boosted attack and damage roll at the Cygnaran arc node, not doing much. The Revenger ran up as well, but couldn’t attack yet. Feora moved forward and shifted to the left and feated, catching all the Stormblades but the leader as well as Jr and the Lancer.

Renwolf shifted his Woldwarden out to the left of his forest and his other beasts advanced further in. Then Krueger walked into the forest and let loose his feat, spreading the templates out across the Gun Mage line. He burned through his fury boosting attack rolls, but wound up killing 5 of the 6 Gun Mages.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of our own models, just of the aftereffects of the feats.

Lightning Lovin’ Feora’s Fire

Turn 3

Fire went out on Jr and the Lancer but took care of all the Stormblades but the leader.

Siege throws a Rift spell at the Revenger, who was just out of engagement range of the Lancer, doing some damage and leaving the rough terrain template down in its wake. The Defender took a shot at Feora but missed. Jr shifted over and tried to shoot the Devout, but the penalty for firing into melee caused the shot to go wide. The last Gun Mage fired at the Devout, but missed due to it being in combat with the Lancer. The Stormblade charged the Devout (who whiffed on the Defensive Strike) and did a few points of damage to it.

On the other side of the table, Stryker lobbed an Arcane Blast at the Lord of the Feast that didn’t deviate on to anything. He then shot his gun at the Argus, doing a few points of damage. Then a three-focus Ironclad charged the Argus, pounding it into a two-headed paste. GMAC shot the Lord of the Feast for 5 damage, but he had 8 and was still alive.

Siege’s Rift Striker Strikes

Fanatic Alliance
Renwolf shifted his templates around, using one to do a point to Stryker and kill the GMAC and the other to take out the last Gun Mage (it couldn’t quite catch the last Stormblade).

The Crusader walks up and tries to Armlock the Lancer’s shield, but even with boosting rolls like crap and can’t get a grip. The Devout holds on to his one remaining Cortex box and holds his attack while the Revenger walks up to engage (and be engaged by) the Lancer, but holds off attacking this turn. Feora casts Blazing Effigy on the Crusader, killing the Stormblade but rolling (boosted) poorly on the Lancer and doing only a couple points. Without focus and with Siege still having not feated, she shifts away and to the left, trying to keep from getting shot.

The Woldwarden circles through the woods and tries to chain attack the Ironclad, but even with boosted attack rolls misses the first attack. The second connects for significant damage, though. The Lord of the Feasts circles around and does a couple more points as well, then one Shifting Stone moves between the Ironclad and the Lord of the Feast while the other heals him for a couple points. Krueger then moves back and casts Tornado at the Ironclad, throwing it back into the obstruction. He boosts the roll and does enough damage to finish of its hammer and its movement, neutering it for the rest of the game.

The Jack Tangle Tornado is Vile

Turn 4Cygnar
Ack, I forgot pictures this round!

The Ironclad gets up and moves towards the Circle forces. Stryker Earthquaked the Woldwarden, knocking it down. Then he charged Siege for extra movement, failing his charge but getting away from the flank. The Defender takes up position on a hill and fires at Feora, but misses. Jr. Shifts to the edge of his cover and takes a shot at her as well, but she’s just out of range. Siege slips out and fires twice at the Revenger, doing a fair bit of damage but not taking out any systems.

Fanatic Alliance
Feora pulled a focus from her wrack in the Circle’s woods, causing it to explode and doing a eight points of damage to the Gorax in the process. Oops. She uses those two to cast Ignite on the Revenger then backs away further. I couldn’t afford to risk her getting shot up on a Siege Feat turn. The Crusader boosts an armlock on the Lancer, grabbing its spear (and taking a Cortex damage in the process). The Revenger then Charges Siege without taking a free strike, since the Lancer no longer had reach. He lands one good blow for five damage, but it’s enough to get in the caster’s face. The Devout moves up past the Lancer and the surviving choir boys just go make a nuisance of themselves.

The Lord of the Feast walks up and throws his bird at Stryker, getting lucky and hitting. He teleports behind the warcaster and takes two melee attacks, doing about doing about six more damage. Krueger walks up and tries to Forked Lightning Stryker but misses. Fortunately it hits the Lord of the Feast instead (not killing him), then bounces to Stryker for a few more damage.

Circle’s Strike Revenger’s Charge Feora’s Withdrawl

Turn 5
We were packing up as we played this round (store was closing) so there’s only one picture.

Stryker turns around and cuts down the Lord of Feast, but has to spend a good deal of his focus doing so. He spends the last of it Arcane Blasting the Gorax, the Feats to try to protect himself from the Woldwarden.

Jr. tries to Arcane Bolt a choir boy and misses, then shoots him. Siege feats as well, then takes a swing at the Revenger (with Lucky Charm) and disables it. The Defender lobs a shot at the Devout and totals it as well. The Lancer doesn’t activate this turn.

Stryker kills the Lord

Fanatic Alliance
Last turn and we need to kill a caster to win on VPs. Feora casts Engine of Destruction and moves up, then sprays Junior twice but can’t hit on two boosted attack rolls. :/ So she dumps the last to focus to put Ignite on the Woldwarden. The Crusader takes a swing at the Lancer and misses.

The Woldwarden moves up and pounds Stryker, finishing off his last six damage points in one attack. Krueger moves over and Forked Lightning’s Jr. for good measure, and we ended the game.

Final Score

2 Revenger
2 Devout
2 Argus
1 Half the Choir
1 Lord of the Feast

Fanatic Alliance
5 Stryker
3 Ironclad
2 Gun Mages
2 Storm Blades
1 Junior

My Thoughts

I’d almost think they feated a turn or two too late — they may have been able to do more damage to us at range had they done so earlier. Keeping their Casters separate meant that we couldn’t double team them well, but neither were in a position to benefit from the others feat as well. Still, it was a rough game. Patman’s Shockwave Bowling of my Choir Warpriest ended my chants early, which would have made quite a bit of difference had I had them around. The Lancer pulled its weight as well, jinxing my die rolls against it all night. Smile

Fanatic Alliance
The fact that Cygnar brought a few units and both our casters feats are great anti-infantry feats meant we brought the paper to their rock this game. We tried to rush in before we got shot up, but just couldn’t quite close the gap fast enough and Cygnar started to take us apart as we went. I had to play defensively with Feora to keep her from going up in flames. Luckily we were able to reach Stryker on the last turn and finish him off. I always comment on how deceptively tough he is to nail down with 16 DEF and 15 ARM. He’s no Caine, but he can still be tricky.