Mirror Match/Battle of Dead Man Flats

Mirror Match/Battle of Dead Man Flats
Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Prorpger and I decided to play a mirror match for this one, so I built a force to match his usual Menoth list and we both fielded the following:

  • Severius
  • Avatar
  • Revenger
  • Revenger
  • Paladin
  • Knights Exemplar
  • Choir (x5)
  • Wrack
  • Piper of Menoth

One of Prorpger’s Revengers is still unassembled so a Repenter filled in for this game.

The table had some hills and woods spread out, but featured some standing stones in the middle of the table with a small plastic corpse in a coffin on it. Since there was no central hill, the table was dubbed Dead Man Flats. We played out on the table in front of the window, resulting in the following view from the mall:

The Fishbowl
In “the Fishbowl”


Prorpger’s DeploymentProrpger opted to deploy his forces in the wedge formation he typically used with this army – Jacks leading the way with Knights just behind and the Piper and choir then Severius. Prorpger decided not to get stuck around the stones in the middle of the table so opted to deploy at the extreme right flank (from my perspective)

My DeploymentI opted for a more spread out deployment, lining up a Revenger, the Knights, and the Piper to take me left flank while the other Revenger, the Avatar, and the Paladin set up ready to head towards the other. Severius and the choir sat on the hill. I was hoping with a wider spread I would be able to sweep around at least one of Prorpger’s flanks.

For advanced deployment Prorpger placed his wrack in an obstruction in the center of the table and I placed mine back behind my lines where Severius could pull from it safely.

Turn 1

The Avatar got a couple focus so walked forward and gazed. The other jacks and the Knights followed suit, followed by the musical brigade. The Choir placed Ward on the jacks. Severius placed Holy Vigil on the Avatar and cast Eye of Menoth.

The Wedge

Each Revenger got one focus and the Avatar generated a couple. Piper advanced and Marched the Knights, who ran forward. The left Revenger then ran as well, staying a bit behind the obstruction between our forces. The Avatar Gazed then ran and the right Revenger ran to be the extreme right flank. The Paladin ran to join them, then the Choir came down off the hill and put up Ward, missing the right Revenger but catching the others. Severius walked forward and cast Eye of Menoth and put Blessing of Menoth on the Avatar.

The Spread

Turn 2

Both of us upkept Eye of Menoth for the rest of the game.

Prorpger’s Right revenger (from my perspective) moved forward and Severius advanced and tried to Immolate my right Revenger, but it was out of range. The rest of his army advanced to fill in the wedge and the Avatar put up Gaze of Menoth again. The Piper put Heroic Call on the Knights.

Wedge Part II

I decided to shift my entire forces a little to the left and try and use the obstruction to my advantage. Each Revenger got a focus, and the Avatar generated either 2 or 3. The Piper advanced and gave the Knights Heroic Call to make them Tough. Then they Ran up the left flank, staying far enough back that Prorpger’s knights would be just out of charge range. Then the left Revenger ran up near them. The right Revenger used its focus to run to the left and get behind the obstruction, then the Avatar used Gaze and ran to follow suit. Doing so put Prorpger’s front lines in Gaze but the obstruction prevented them from getting to him, which was meant to tie him down a bit. The Paladin moved up to be able to charge anything that came around the end of the obstruction.

The Choir walked up and forgot to sing anything, then Severius advanced and threw an Ashes to Ashes at a Knight. I hit four and the Revenger, but only killed two as the other two made their Tough rolls. At least being knocked down would prevent the ones that were out of Gaze from charging this turn.

Knight’s Flank Wall and Gaze

Turn 3

Prorpger gave his right Revenger focus and the Avatar generated a couple himself. His left Revenger advanced towards my Knights and their Revenger. The Avatar put up Gaze and ran to engage my Avatar, hoping to tie it down. The remaining Revenger ran up near his Avatar to form a defensive position and block my flank from getting around him. The surviving knights (with March from the piper) stood up and walked around between the Avatar and Revenger, ready to spring the following round. The Choir moved up and Warded his jacks. Severius dropped Ashes to Ashes on my Knights, hitting 5 but with horrible damage rolls only killed 3… but 2 made their Tough rolls. Finally his Paladin charged one of my knights, destroying it… until it made its Tough roll.

Entanglement Counterattack

A lucky roll on the Avatar generated 4 focus. Severius put two on his left Revenger and kept the rest. The Choir activated and Infused my warjacks. The left Revenger slammed Prorpger’s left revenger, knocking it back 6″. Then the Piper put March on the Knights (for the extra attack). The knocked down ones stood up and the one engaged with the Paladin took two attacks, killing him. The others advanced forward to move towards Severius.The Avatar activated and spent 3 focus to demolish Prorpger’s Avatar, and the resulting explosion set his Knights on fire. The Paladin charged Prorpger’s right Revenger and did a bit of damage but didn’t destroy any systems. At that point I thought I had the flanks mostly protected so Severius walked up and feated, catching Prorpger’s Severius in his control range and denying him focus next turn.

Avatar on Avatar Flankers

After turn 3 Prorpger decided to conceded the match so we would have time to play another game before the store closed. Our second game was a team battle-box game where Prorpger’s trolls and Gary’s Cryx took on Patman’s Cygnar and my Everblight. It was a close match that only ended with a 1VP victory margin for Pat and I. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures during that one – it would have made a much better Battle Report.