Renegade Horizon, the Rock Opera

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up what was the current story arc in our Renegade Horizon game. It was a fun little campaign that ended with what our gamemaster described as a rock opera. It’s really hard to explain how this running joke ran throughout the session without disrupting things but everything just added up to a very enjoyable game.

As far as the session itself, we wound up tracking down the baron that had placed a price on our heads and kidnapped him from the compound of the cult he was heading up. After some discussion as to how to force him to remove the bounty he had placed, the idea of a psychic re-education was brought up. So that’s where we ended the campaign – as our characters were hiding out for a couple months re-writing the Baron’s psyche in preparation for when we return to the campaign later.

For now the mantle of the gamemaster is being passed off to another player who’s been prepping a SciFi game set in our solar system with an inhabitable Earth, no aliens, no “magic”, and no interstellar travel. We’ve settled on a basic concept for now – residents of a space station that has recently been invaded and occupied by an unwelcome power who have to form an underground resistance to drive them off. A couple of the players have come up with basic character concepts but we’ll be nailing down all the specifics at our next session. Should be fun!