Where’s the Blarg?

I’m not the first person who’s created a blog who’s slowly drifted away from regular updates and I certainly won’t be the last. Unfortunately I just haven’t had the motivation or inspiration to keep things up due to my gaming curse. Karma can bite you in the ass sometimes and after a string of pretty good gaming and scheduling, well, things took a turn for the worse.

Planning out our Sci-Fi game we missed a number of sessions between my getting sick and a couple players having other events planned they couldn’t miss. Suddenly two months worth of missed sessions had come and gone since we had generated characters and one of our players had to bow out simply because the season was far to busy for him with personal and professional obligations. With our motivation drained by two months of missed games we realized that we were going to have to dump the baggage of the game-that-would-never-start and try to start up something new. However lately we’ve spent the scheduled sessions with what started as side diversions – like playing a little Warmachine – intended to just de-funkify our geeky gatherings but these diversions have become the regularly scheduled event instead.

On top of that the group I was going to gamemaster Shadowrun for had been lax in getting back to me on organizing a game so my working on the campaign has fallen by the wayside. I’ve lost a lot of momentum on this one and since then my gamer ADD has drawn my attention in other directions. Unfortunately for readers (all myself of you), most of my work on the Shadowrun was scattered – rough ideas how to do most of the conversion but nothing really written down and finalized – meaning I don’t really have articles to post on the topic here.


It’s like our little group is cursed and now we’re in a rut that we can’t manage to get ourselves out of.

On the up side one player has been putting together an idea for a game he wants to run on Halloween, so at the very least we should have something by the end of the month. My guess is we’ll probably procrastinate until the holiday one-shot and use that as our jump-start back into regular gaming. So hopefully I’ll soon have more gaming related topics to ramble about.