farscape During it’s initial run, Farscape was easily my favorite show,  one I made sure to catch weekly.   There are  a couple episodes of season 3 that I didn’t see but other than that I caught every episode as it debuted on SciFi.

On Episode 53 of The Podgecast, the topic of the Farscape DVD boxed sets and their outrageous prices came up. When licensing changed hands, the season 1 boxed set fell out of print, which subsequently caused the price of the boxed set to skyrocket.

Since I couldn’t get ahold of season 1, I never bothered with the others – I had seen them all as they debuted anyway.   But a few weeks ago I found out I’d have my chance to get my hands on the entire collection at a reasonable price.

While browsing Amazon I discovered that A&E is re-releasing the entire season in a single boxed set due out in November.   I know I’m probably about the last Farscape fan to know about this, but I had stopped following Farscape news after the Peacekeeper Wars was released.   Due to more dreaded licensing issues, The Peacekeeper Wars won’t be included in the set, but that DVD will only cost another $10 on its own.

Now that I’ll be able to get my hands on the entire collection at once without having to promise away my first born, come winter I’ll definitely be picking it up.