Holy Plate Mail Ninja, Batman!

Exemplar Errant Seneschal

I was expecting to see the Exemplar Errant UA in the new No Quarter, but not a new synergy solo for the unit.  Granting Hunter to Errants, as well as having both Hunter and Pathfinder himself, really makes him feel like a Strider Deathstalker type model… but clad in white heavy armor?

Don’t get me wrong, I think this guy has some very nice rules that can be especially difficult for an opponent in scenario play.  He can sit just out-of-sight behind/in forests and take pot shots, and since he can sacrifice Errants when he dies, stay in an area far longer than a single 5-wound solo would normally be able to.

In the likely event that the Errant UA grants them Pathfinder,  the unit is going to start feeling a lot like Reeves of Orboros.  My only real concern there is that it doesn’t match the aesthetics of this model IMO.  Maybe it’s just me, but having them dodge through the woods like that doesn’t mesh with the plate armor.  If they had lighter armor sculpted on them, sure…

In the end though, that doesn’t really matter.  I think that the addition of Hunter means even fewer effects that are going to work against the unit’s effective RAT 6.  No concealment or cover, and already no spell-granted buffs because of Blessed.

But unlike most ranged troops that you engage to shut down, MAT 7 is a big threat, and their P+S 9 Weapon Master swords toss out an average damage roll of 19 (23 on the charge).  They’re not going to kill many heavies that way but if their UA grants Assault (or even Assault & Battery!) they’re going to pair up a pretty significant attack with their current strength in an attrition game.