Hey, Check Out My Junk!

My Junk is Tiny
My junk is tiny

Most weekends I host a weekly roleplaying game at my house, but this week instead of getting out the rule books and character sheets I got my junk out and set it on the table.

I game with the hosts of the Fear the Boot podcast, and after mentioning Wizkid’s Pirates pocket model game during   a recording a fan donated a ton of ships for them to use at Fear the Con 2, the upcoming local convention here in St. Louis that they’re hosting March 6th – 7th.

We started out picking out a few ships (each of which has a points value) to throw into a few test fleets to learn the game.   Each ships have a different number of health/speed/cargo capacity and a point cost so you can mix and match to create a strategy that favors one goal or the other if you want.   I’m not going to give the game an in-depth review here – it’s been around a while and there are far more detailed descriptions out there on the intertubes by far more experienced players – but I will say it was a fun little game.

Le Loup Garou
Le Loup Garou

After learning the basics we all chose a nationality and picked a few ships to have small personal collections.   Then we sat down and put together over sixty 40-point fleets from the rest of the collection.   These fleets will be taken to Fear the Con and put at an open gaming table for attendees to grab, assemble, play the game, and then keep if they want them.   Should be a good time so if you want to swing by and try a game and get some free plasticard ships, please do!

Overall the game was good clean fun.   I don’t think it’s the type of game I’d want as my primary game but I foresee enjoying having a small fleet around to bring out for random games with my gaming group.   The game is collectible and so you could easily fall into the trap of victory through fatter wallet but you’d probably get a lot of millage out of   picking up a few packs to serve as a community pool for you and your gamers to build fleets in to play as a side game.

I need to ram more stuff with my junk!

Game Scribe

A couple of friends of mine have started a blog called Game Scribe which chronicles their exeriences is (primarily) online gaming.   In the past they focused on Lord of the Rings Online and Team Fortress 2, but with the imminent release of Warhammer Online that game will be getting more and more attention in the near future.

I haven’t really kept up with the video game hobby in a while so when I was asked to contribute I had to think a while before I came up with something I could actually write about.   In the end I wound up agreeing to write an intermittent series on some of the older PC games that I’ve played as a sort of “blast from the past,” starting with Deus Ex.

With the launch of the Iron Agenda keeping up with Game Scribe posts (let alone here) is going to be a challenge for me, but Moondog and Ravious certainly maintain regular updates.   If you’re interested in following a few gamers’ romp through their virtual playgrounds be sure to check out their site!

Monsterpocalypse – First Impressions

Privateer Press brought a sneak peak release of Monsterpocalypse starter boxes and boosters to GenCon this year and I decided to pick one up to see how the game played.   I’ve never been a fan of collectible games but Monsterpocalypse’s relatively lax rarity distribution seemed like it might not be too bad for casual play.   After a few games I’m not 100% sold but the game showed enough promise to be worth a critical review.

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The Unforeseen Consequences of Rock

Well, since Luke and Chad have both already mentioned something about it (granted Luke’s was a previous jam session) I guess I should go ahead and throw down as well. Last night was the world debut of Unforeseen Consequences, who rocked out in Stockholm before touring around Europe for a few hours. Baby-faced front man Mic Stabbington provided the ear-splitting vocals. Saultydog laid down the rhythm and Fuente provided the bass grove while Nathan Implosio (damn you character limits!) kept time with his furious drumming of fury.

Unfortunately the tour was cut short before it reached international fame when Mic’s blaring rendition of Sabotage kept his wife from going to sleep upstairs.


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