The Fallacy of Risk vs. Resource Resource Management

Most of the time when an experienced player is trying to explain Warmachine and Hordes to a potential new player, they’ll use a common phrase to compare and contrast the focus and fury mechanics that drive the two games:

“Hordes is Risk Management, where Warmachine is Resource Management.”

I cringe every time I hear that.

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The Missing Piece

I’ve talked before here and on the Iron Agenda about being more than ready for the arrival of MkII, but I’m still hesitant.  I’ve finally realized why I haven’t been willing to forsake MkI completely – the lack of official stat cards.   That in turn made me realize just how convenient stat cards are for play.

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Field Test Eve

Tomorrow the Hordes communities will be whipped up into a frenzy with the release of the Hordes Field Test Rules.  While there will undoubtedly be players dissecting the rules and identifying the merits and flaws of various models logically, the amount of outcry promises to be very entertaining.  I can’t wait for the circus to start.

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A First and a Last in St. Louis

Although Warmachine MkII has brought positive changes to the Warmachine community, it unfortunately coincides with the closing of Game On!, a game store that has always been a strong supporter of the Warmachine community.  On Wednesday the 14th, we had a last blast 35-point Mangled Metal MkII event – our first MkII event in St. Louis.

After throwing around a few possible casters, I decided on some of my lesser-used options to see how they changed in MkII.  I was curious to see if they and their battlegroups would fit my playstyle better now, or if I would be able to change my playstyle to better suit their abilities.

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Warmachine Weekend 2009, Day 1

Carl, better known as Clutch, does a fantastic job organizing Warmachine Weekend every year in Springfield, Missouri.  He always packs a ton of events into the weekend and Privateer Press and  Meta-Games Unlimited provides some fantastic prize support.  In addition EXPLOSIVO!!! has outdone himself with this year’s awesome trophies. You should see the finished versions!

I’m sitting back in my room after day 1 tired but still ready for tomorrow’s events.  I arrived last night with Brakus so we were there for the 500-point Mixed Steamroller event that kicked off the weekend.    There were already a lot of familiar faces showing up, which was a bonus.  Last year I met a lot of great players at Warmachine Weekend and it was good to see many of them making it back.

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Warmachine MkII Rules and Cards Released Early

To our players:

We have decided to do something radical. We’ve been paying a lot of attention to our forums and talking with our players at the conventions this summer and it’s clear that the anticipation for MkII is driving everyone a little batty. Many are excited, some of you are a little afraid, but the suspense is killing everyone and the speculation is killing us! So after a great deal of deliberation we have decided that the best thing we can do for the mental well-being of our community is to completely change our plans and do what we said we wouldn’t: we’re going to put all of the MkII rules and model information online as PDF downloads, because four more months is just too damn long for everyone to be holding their breath.

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Rethinking the Retribution

At GenCon I picked up a copy of the Retribution of Scyrah army book and Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper to play with potential color schemes.  At first I was tossing around the idea of starting up a Retribution force – the playstyle looked interesting and it had the “shiny new hawtness” going for it.  Then I realized something… I’m already getting a new faction.

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Better Smoke Templates

Any Warmachine player that has encountered a trencher-loaded Cygnar army knows the necessity of having a dozen or so smoke templates.  One of the most common solutions I’ve seen is the 3″ cardstock template.  Those works great if there is space for the template on the table but sometimes you need to drop smoke on other models.

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Repenter Bandwagon

Miniature GalleryG’daybloke at Lost Hemisphere has declared this week Repenter Week, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Other authors have been posting their own painted versions of the Repenter, so given it’s already Friday, that’s probably about all I can squeeze in before the end of the week.  So let’s fire it up.

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