Hero Quest: Return of Zargon

Half the dungeon, post-smite.

Since my Sunday gaming group is waiting for after Christmas to kick off our upcoming campaign, Hardarian Blackleaf, Ale, Mr. Wizard Nickelbane III, and Elfin John continued their Quest ™ to become Heroes ™. ย  ย  The story was thin but the cardstock terrain was thick as… well… cardstock. ย  ย  And so the smiting commenced!

We ran through a couple more pretty generic quests this week – find a good wizard then go kill the evil one. ย  Considered we played Are You the Traitor? beforehand (which features a good/evil wizard mechanic) I suppose there was a theme running throughout the evening.

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Nostalgia Night: Hero Quest

The Heroes(tm) begin their quest...
The Heroes(tm) on a Quest(tm)

While my role-playing group is between campaigns, we’re filling our weekly sessions with boardgames and one-shots. ย  Last week was a blast from the past: Hero Quest by Milton Bradley. ย  I couldn’t find the doors and a few figures were MIA (the elf in particular) and had to be proxied, but the old school charm remained.

Matt took on the role of the vile Zargon for the first two quests, leaving Chad, Wayne, and me to take on the mantles of the Elf (Elfen John), Wizard (Mr. Wizard), and Barbarian (Thud). ย  The Dwarf (Ale) was thrown in for good measure. ย  For the third and final game I took over behind the screen and Matt claimed the Dwarf.

We fully embraced the camp of the game, with “Zargon” reading the boxed text before each adventure with as much melodrama as could be mustered. ย  As casually as we treated the game, our role-playing roots came through and there were a few more descriptions than dictated by the adventure book as we stomped around the dungeon, hacking up orcs, goblins, and other minions of Chaos.

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