Fighting in the Streets

The other night my Saturday gaming group took a night off from the polyhedrals to take a vaction in lovely downtown Mordheim. It had been a while since we hit the boardwalk for a wyrdstone-cream cone and a Sigmar’s Sizzling Sausage (don’t ask, but Chad’s obsessed with them). It was just like Coney Island, but with more rat-men, mutants, undead and witch burning and less fun and games.

Mordheim’s strength has always been the aspect of play where yoru warband gains experience and suffers injuries as you continue to play it. Unfortunately the customizability and organic warband evolution was tempered by a clunky system and obtuse rulebook. So we decided to give Coreheim a try.

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Lately I’ve been neglecting my painting table – cheating on my models with a different craftform.  I put down the pewter in exchange for styrofoam and traded in my paint for some spackle.  With a little advice from Ulf of Dice-Speak and Game Fusion Studio, I’ve made an initial foray into the realm of terrain making.

A few initial attempts at hills (and Niska’s Skyplex on TV)

I’ve been painting models for years now but I hadn’t really spent any time on the terrain side of the hobby – there’s always been terrain to play on locally and I  preferred  painting models to fabricating scenery.

Sites like TerraGenesis have taught me the basics of terrain making but I didn’t have any real hands on experience.  But over the course of a few nights with a hot wire foam cutter I put together some  basic hills.  Nothing major – and still in need of some greenery – but after I was happy with the results I decided to move up to something else I’ve been wanting to build for a while now.

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