Delayed Blast Fireblarg

Turns out that running a campaign, trying to keep up with session write-ups, and doing a blarg just don’t work well together. I don’t have enough time to tackle all three sufficiently, so things have suffered for it. I’ve already decided to drop the detailed session write-ups and switch over to some basic overviews and summaries so that should provide some relief.

As for blarging and the campaign, I’ve been rather unhappy with how this campaign went. I made what I think was a major mistake early and wasn’t able to repair it quick enough to get the campaign back on track and it’s suffered for it. I’ve decided to wrap the game up after the next session and after that I’ll come back here and write more about where I went wrong with this game.


  1. “Like my old Skleenball coach used to say… Find out what you’re not good at, and then don’t do it!” –Gordon Shumway, Philosopher/Space Explorer.

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