2007: A Blarg Odyssey

Another year has come and gone and the blog has stuck around – a feat that comes somewhat as a surprise to me. I’m more than a bit of a dabbler and tend to find new things to do quickly but somehow managed to keep up with posting. Between battle reports, my RPG campaigns, and painting I’ve got more than enough material to talk about. Unfortunately that’s proving to be a double-edged sword.

This year – especially toward the last few months – I’ve found myself committing to more “columns” than I can keep up with. The Ternon Crag Dispatch was originally intended to run weekly with our campaign night at the local gaming store. I’ve still been pretty good about getting out a monthly Painting WIP post, but I haven’t been able to do any other painting articles lately. There’s also the threads on my recent rpg campaigns, but doing one of those after every session has been taxing. And finally although it’s not part of this blog I’ve been neglecting Diminutive Denizens in favor of writing things here.

Last month I decided to try to re-work my schedule a bit to open it up. First thing is that I’m going to to is drop to a RPG session write-up after every 2 sessions or so. Since we’re gaming about every other week this means once a month. That combined with my monthly Painting WIP posts puts me at about 2 posts per month. That should leave me time to do the occasional write up on RPG theory or miniature painting techniques as well as get back to battle reports. We’ll just have to wait and see if practice matches up with theory…