Ceiling Cat is watching you game

Most every Sunday afternoon you can find the gaming group I’m a member of in my basement seated around an old dining room table throwing dice, drinking Dew, and munching Cheetos. In addition to the gaming group, my house has a trio of additional inhabitants – my fiancee and her two cats, Baroness and Puck.

Baroness is a well behaved tailless calico who spends most of the day curled up either in her bed upstairs or on my fiancee’s lap while she reads or watches TV. Puck is the anti-Baroness, who has made it his mission in life to cause whatever grief he can. Any bags of chips left unattended for longer than 30 seconds will be opened and scattered across the kitchen floor when you return. If the garbage disposal doesn’t mince absolutely every bit of food we put down in it, Puck will jump in the sink and try to get food out of the drain. On more than one occasion Puck has knocked a full pan of chili cheese dip – bubbling hot hot mind you – off the stove and onto the kitchen floor. I guess he needed some dip for the chips or something.

Still that didn’t compare to his antics yesterday.

This week the group had decided to hit Smokin’ Al’s for some barbecue before the group made their first excursion into the ruins of Parlainth. Puck loves barbecue. Not that that’s different than any other food but the smells quickly drew him downstairs to the gaming table we were eating at.

To let everyone eat in peace, I decided to lock him into the other side of the basement where his litter box was. My fiancee took her barbecue upstairs to watch the Cards game, leaving the rest of us downstairs to talk gaming.

Before long we started to hear some thumping of some sorts above us. I dismissed it right away – I figured my fiancee was either getting something to drink or otherwise moving around in the living room which was right over where I was sitting.

I no sooner dismiss the noise as being my fiancee when one of the drop ceiling tiles in my basement tumbles to the ground, being ridden by a very scared cat. I don’t know who was more surprised – the mischievous feline or the gamers who just got an surprise visit from ceiling cat. I do know that Puck recovered first, kicking up some pieces of fiberglass from the panel as he bolted for the stairs up to the first floor.

See, Puck knows when he does something he’s not supposed to do – getting into foodstuffs or climbing onto the kitchen counters, for instance. He also knows he’s safe as long as we don’t catch him. And Puck just got caught.

As usual Puck led me on a merry little chase before I was able to corner him and lock him in the upstairs bathroom so we could be in peace. But before long his pathetic meows – you’d think he’d been shot or something – started to echo into the basement. Let me tell you it was the loveliest gaming soundtrack imaginable.



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