Quick Update

I haven’t written a whole lot here in the past couple months, but it looks like that’s going to be changing. All of my time had been taken up by running my Earthdawn game and preparing for Privateer Press Weekend here in St. Louis but now that both of those are passed I should have more time to keep up with things here.

There are a couple of drafts that I have started in the back room here and there’s the Deadlands write-ups that I’d really like to finish as well. Since I don’t think Luke is going to be able to finish the Earthdawn write-ups I’d like to try and summarize that campaign as well as talk about what I learned from the grand experiment that was Earthdawn – Savaged and how I plan on going about changing things for the next time I run the game.

So check back soon – it’s time to try and catch back up.