Packing Away the Cards

With the release of Prime MkII, I finally went through my MkI faction decks and gold card collections.  They’ve all been packed away into a three ring binder.  I’m not sure what use I’m ever actually going to get out of the collection again but my packratitis makes it so I can’t just toss ’em.

The cover is a draft of a flier that was put together for the first Privateer Weekend at DieCon 8.  I have a similar one featuring Lylyth that I’ll use when I do something similar for my Legion cards.

In a few days I’ll finally have my hands on my MkII version of my Protectorate cards. Even if I’m not completely happy with the layout and design of the cards, they’ll still be better than playing off of the printouts that we’ve been using since the MkII pdf was released.

4 thoughts on “Packing Away the Cards”

  1. I love the “artistic” creation of your cards in said manner. Irregardless of collector’s value. It is a reminder of things now gone that you can reflect on and often go, I remember when, with a smile of times fondly recalled.

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