The Crunch Time Cometh

Hierophant WIP
Hierophant WIP

It’s already that time of year again. In a few short weeks  Privateer Press Weekend at DieCon X will be upon us.  This year the event will feature another Hardcore event again – the first ever official one for Warmachine MkII.  There’s not much time left, but I’m behind on getting prepared.  This feels oddly familiar.

I have a few lists I’m tossing around to play, but I haven’t even really settled on if I’m playing the Protectorate or Legion.  The Legion models I’d want to use are already painted, but there’s still a few key Protectorate ones – like the Hierophant and Covenant – that I needed to get to.

It’s been a while since I last picked up the brush; maybe even a couple months.  Painting has always been an enjoyable hobby for me, but lately it’s always seemed like there’s something else I rather do with my free time.  Still there aren’t many chances to play in a Hardcore event, so it’s time to buckle down and get to work.

After assembling and priming my Hierophant and Convenant, I spent a day trying to see if I could make some progress on the former.  I tried a method similar to how the Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate book talked about doing their reds.  I use a little different color so I had to switch up my shading colors but in general the technique is still the same.  I still need some tweaking but overall it’s coming allright.

Working all the metallics reminded me how much I hate painting them.  I always look at each miniature as I paint it and think “I’ll just bother learning how to paint metallics on the next figure” and rush through it, but I always put it off to the proverbial next time.

Still plenty of work to do, but right now my biggest sticking point is what color to paint the trim on his jacket-ish clothing.  It’s the white stripe in this picture – maybe I’ll mimic that and make it the same color as his lower robe.

And that’s not to mention the Covenant, which has little more than a basecoat on it.  That’s a lot of work for me to do in the coming month with as slow as I paint, but here’s to trying.  Just gotta try not to get distracted by my other hobbies.  🙂