Sleeving & Storing WM/H Stat Cards

Stat cards are a tremendous benefit to the game of warmachine and hordes, allowing quick reference to the entire suite of your models’ rules and abilities, as well as providing a place to track damage done to multi-wound models. They’re definitely an invaluable resource to the game, but as expansion books are published, each faction gets access to more and more models and units. For the player that means more and more cards in their collection to keep track of.

When I first started playing, most locals sleeved their cards individucally and kept them in a deck box. I quickly adopted this method and found a couple products that I really liked – Dragon Shield card sleeves and Ultra Pro deck boxes.  I’ve used this set up for years – it’s quick and dirty but it works.  I never had any problems at all in actual play, but as my army collections started getting bigger, keeping the cards sorted became harder – I started chucking whatever I had played back in the box after each game.  Searching for cards when building armies on the fly started taking longer and longer, so I started looking at alternatives.

Alternatively the Dragon Shield Box will double as a cheap (but less durable) deck box.

A number of locals swear by keeping their cards in an Ultra Pro4-Pocket Album. At first I was a little leery but I decided to try out this method for my Legion cards to see how easy it was to keep cards sorted when every card I removed from the binder to play left behind a blank spot to return it to when finished.

The strap is removable and the loops allow you to clip this to your mini case.

As soon as my first game got underway I realized a big flaw in this method – 4-pocket pages hold cards loose enough to let them slip around and out from under where you had been marking damage.  That was easily fixed though – I slipped my beasts into dragon shield sleeve and in turn slipped those in turn into the 4-pocket page.  The tighter fit keeps the card from moving, and I haven’t any issues since.

So far the album has been easier to keep organized, especially once I purchased some sticky tabs to attach to the first page of each model type (warlocks, warbeasts, solos, units, and minions)  for quick reference.  I keep blank sheets in the front of the binder to move the cards for my current army into, then remove those from the binder for actual play.

I’m still waffling on which method I prefer more; the quick and dirty or the more elaborate more organized.  Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a better solution that I haven’t found yet.


  1. 9 card sleeves and cheap fodlers (check a back to school sale). one for each faction.
    leave room between sections(warcaster/locks, beasts, troops, solos) so that it is easy to add new things in.

    they are flatter and store easier in army transport cases as they have no bulk.

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