Rethinking the Retribution

At GenCon I picked up a copy of the Retribution of Scyrah army book and Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper to play with potential color schemes.  At first I was tossing around the idea of starting up a Retribution force – the playstyle looked interesting and it had the “shiny new hawtness” going for it.  Then I realized something… I’m already getting a new faction.

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A Few Post-GenCon Thoughts

I’m back in St. Louis and still recovering from GenCon.  A lot of the announcements and previews at the Privateer Press booth have already hit the various forums so there’s no need to talk about those again.  Josh, Jason, and I recorded a lot of interviews over the weekend which we’ll be posting as we … Read more

2009 Masters Event Last Minute Changes

Preregistration for Masters has been closed and tickets have been bought.   I hope nobody had their Masters lists finalized, packed, and painted, because with a month left before GenCon Privateer Press has released a rules addendum to their Masters event.  The big change is this:

The GenCon 2009 Masters event encourages players to not only demonstrate mastery with a single warcaster or warlock but with their entire faction line-up. A warcaster / warlock that appears in one of a players’ lists cannot appear in another list for the remainder of the Masters event. Mercenary warcasters can only appear in a players’ list[s] if that player is playing Mercenary contracts for the whole of the GenCon 2009 Masters event.

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