A Few Post-GenCon Thoughts

I’m back in St. Louis and still recovering from GenCon. ย  A lot of the announcements and previews at the Privateer Press booth have already hit the various forums so there’s no need to talk about those again. ย  Josh, Jason, and I recorded a lot of interviews over the weekend which we’ll be posting as we get them cleaned up.

It was a blast meeting and talking to fellow Warmachine players from across the country like the SOBs. We recorded Episode 50 of the Iron Agenda in the Wabash room late Friday during open play and I think by the end of the episode we had cycled 11 people behind the microphones.

The downside of the Con this year was getting sick, missing the last Hardcore of MkI, and now I’m fighting off some sort of cold/sinus infection. ย  Still I had a great weekend and am already looking forward to next year.

We’ll be talking about the news surrounding Privateer Press, their Next Big Thing, the Retribution, and more here and on the podcast in the near future, so keep an eye open.

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