Privateer Press Weekend 2009 Mercenaries Update

Orin Midwinter
Orin Midwinter

As work on my Legion forces progresses I’ve also been putting some work in on the Mercenaries I’m painting to be given away at Privateer Press Weekend this year.  I still have a lot of detailing and a little bit of re-working  to do but things are looking good as far as meeting my deadline.

First up is my Orin Midwinter, who I think is coming together well.  I shaded his robe by adding black to P3 Skorne Red and left him on the dark side to fit his fluff.  The trim, sash, and shoulder pads still need some work but I went with black to keep a sinister feel on the model.  Orin’s staff is P3 Brass Balls shaded with brown and black inks and highlighted by mixing in just a tad of GW Mithril Silver.

After I finish the the rest of the model I think I’m going to do some source lighting on the end of this staff and his left eye.  I have some P3 Arcane Blue that I’ll probably use – it’s an interesting greenish blue that looks like it’s good for this sort of effect.  I’ve tested it on some other models and I think it would look good applied to Orin.

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Back to the Blight

The Striders' Skintones
Nyss Skintones

The past few weeks I was able to finish up my War Chiefs and get an initial sealing on them.  I have a handful of Legion models that need to have snow put on their base before a final sealing but for now on the Legion from I’ve switched gears to work on my Strider models.

Once I got started things progressed pretty quickly.  By now I have my Nyssian skin recipe down and it’s just a matter of going through the steps.  My leathers are pretty much the same recipe as I’ve always used as well but decided to switch it up.  Usually I do my highlighting by lightening the Midnight Blue I use with Dutch Blue eventually with a little white.  This time I went from Midnight Blue to Cape Cod Blue, which is a blue/gray.  The end result was a much more realistic look and I think it turned out well.

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Luke’s Legion Speed Painting Experiment

The finished result
Speed-Painted Shredder

I’ve mentioned Luke here on this blog before.  On top of being a fellow Legion of Everblight player he’s also one of the hosts of The Podge Cast, has guest hosted on the Iron Agenda, and is a former member of my weekly rpg group (and played in our Deadlands and Earthdawn games).  Needless to say Luke’s a busy guy and that’s kept his budding Legion force unpainted.

I did a little research and found a few products and after picking them up, invited Luke over after work one day to hang out and test a possible method to speed paint his Legion beasts in the color scheme that he had implied he wanted to use.  While the results  aren’t anything that will win a painting competition the process was extremely fast and the results are more than sufficient for the table top.

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Sad Tidings

Last night as I was working on some models my work light started flickering.  I took a break to do a few things on my computer and when I came back it was completely dead.  I hadn’t really noticed how spoiled I had been by my OttLite until I tried painting without it.  I’m going … Read more

WIP – Mercenaries for Privateer Press Weekend

As I mentioned before, the local Warmachine community held Privateer Press Weekend at DieCon 8 last year here in St. Louis.  This year we’re going to be doing it again.  And like last year I’ve been tapped to paint some miniatures to be given away as door prizes to attendees.  Last year I painted up … Read more

Miniature Painting – Truth or Myth?

As I speculated earlier, work on The Iron Agenda has really hurt my posting schedule here on Dankelblarg.  Fallout 3 hasn’t helped a whole lot either but podcasting has wound up consuming a lot of my free time since we started.  As a result I haven’t made as much progress painting-wise as I would have liked – and I haven’t updated Diminutive Denizens in ages –  but I have been able to get some work done since July.

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