Character Jacks & Beast

It’s been over half a year since I started my Protectorate of Menoth character warjacks.  Working on them quickly degraded from fun to tedious but a couple weeks ago I finally forced myself to sit down and make some actual progress. I’ll finally have them – and Typhon – competed within the next couple days.

Fire of Salvation
Fire of Salvation

First up is the Fire of Salvation.  One of my biggest complaints of the Guardian warjack is the engraved metallic shoulder plates.  When I saw the Fire of Salvation shared that design I was disappointed – I just don’t like the way it looks.  I thought about greenstuffing over them and smoothing them out but decided against it at the last minute.

My other issue was with the fire that was sculpted on the top of the mace.  I’m not a big fan of painted fire, so I got rid of it, but that left the mace looking like it was missing something.  After digging through my bits box I decided that since the Fire was Kreoss’ jack I’d take a cue from that warcaster’s epic form.  I found an old Temple Flameguard spear and clipped the head to attach to the top of the Fire’s mace, making it look like it was designed to share aesthetics with its master’s weapon.

I still need to do a little work on the Fire.  On top of a little cleanup, his rivets and the Menofixes on his shoulder need painting.  I also have to decide what to do with the “orbs” attached to his collar above his head.  Then it’ll be time for sealing.

Blessing of Vengeance
Blessing of Vengeance

I’ve also made a lot of progress on the Blessing of Vengeance, who is closer to completion than the Fire is.  The only real change I made to Blessing was to leave off the banners which affix to the bolts on his shoulders.  I’m not a big banner fan, so I tossed them in my bits box with the banners for my Seneschals, Avatar, Guardian, Harbinger, and Epic Kreoss.  Sense any trends there?

I’m not completely happy with the posing on this model.  His spear doesn’t hang below his base but I can see it potentially being obnoxious on the table.  I’m not sure how much I can reposition it without breaking the small pistons that attach his wrist to his forearm though.

Last up is Typhon, who I took a little break from for a while.  He’s mostly complete now but I’m not happy with him yet.  His mouths just don’t look right and I’m contemplating repainting the stretched skin areas around the bone circle at his cheeks blue like his flesh as opposed to red like his gums.


I’m looking into a new photography set up so I can get caught up on documenting my finished works, so hopefully I’ll have some better lit shots of these models soon.

4 thoughts on “Character Jacks & Beast”

  1. Hey Dave, can you do a treatise on different kinds of sealants and how you use them? Thanks.


  2. Thanks, Z.

    I’ll see if I can put together something on sealant here in the near future. I found what I liked quickly and stuck with it but I’ll try and do some research for additional methods as well.

  3. I think that with Typhon, the red looks good as is, as I like a bit more than 2 color designs. But I can see it in blue as well. Either way, you do one heck of a job on your paints.

    To be honest the Warjacks are not my favorites in terms of design or appearance. But I think your alteration of the mace is ingenious.

    I enjoy reading your blog, now that I know of it :-).

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