¿Qué pasa con todo el azul?

My painting has been progressing slowly but steadily.  Nowadays it seems like I can only spend so much time with the brush before I need a break.  But I recently made progress on a handful of miniatures so I figured it was time to add to my (lacking as of late) collection of WIP shots.

Rhoven & Honor Guard
Rhoven & Honor Guard

First up is Rhoven and the Honor Guard.  I posted some initial WIPs of the Honor Guard a while back and since then I’ve made some pretty good progress.  The Honor Guards have actually been sitting mostly done for a little while now while I worked on Rhoven himself.

I’m most happy with the lower portion of Rhoven’s robes so far, but there’s still some work that needs to be done.  I’m going to repaint the stole for starters; the highlights were pretty borked when I did them the first time.  That and some more general cleanup work should make him ready for sealing.

Blighted Swordsman UA
Blighted Swordsman UA

Next up is my Blighted Swordsman unit attachment, which isn’t near as complete as Rhoven and the Honor Guard.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to clean up their leather armor and make it really pop but I’m really happy with the skin tones on these two.

The release of MkII has pushed these guys away from the table a little bit compared to some of the other options in the Legion army.  I’ve been known to paint models only to have them never see the table again – we’ll see if that happens again with these guys.

Reaper/Pathfinder Valeros
Reaper 60001: Valeros, Iconic Human Fighter

After the Swordsman UA is Valeros, Iconic Fighter, from Reaper Miniatures’ new Pathfinder line.  I wasn’t as happy with this model once I got it assembled as I was when I saw it at first, though it makes a good representation for my character in my current Earthdawn game.

I’m still trying to clean up the mouth a little bit so it looks better, but overall he turned out fairly well.  I think I’m going to need to weight the back of the base if I can – the leaning pose makes him want to tip over sometimes if I’m not careful.  I’ll be using enough sealant on him to stand up to roleplaying use though so he should be fine.

Dark Elf Corsairs
Dark Elf Corsairs

Whenever we have to hold off on a roleplaying session, my Sunday gaming group usually plays board games to occupy the time slot.  Recently we’ve turned to Mordheim, which has been a lot of fun.  Back in ’01 I started painting a Dark Elf warband but never finished my Corsairs here.  Even though I’m running Reiklanders this time, I decided to get my Dark Elves finished so I could field them as a cohesive force, even if it was standing in for another army.

I’m going the speed-over-quality route to try and get them to the tabletop (they’re still being worked on).  It’s also an attempt to rely heavily on the Games Workshop washes (Badab Black and Delvin Mud) to see if they can speed things along.  So far those two washes haven’t been anything special, but they do save me time in mixing my own so I feel like they’ve been worth it thus far.

Games Workshop Dwarves
Dwarf Warriors

Last up is another GW sampling from my Mordheim days.  A friend of mine left his plastic dwarf boxed set with me when he left the game.  They have been sitting around for a while now and I finally decided to paint up a collection of them with different weapons for use in various roleplaying or miniature games.

The dwarves painted here are only a sample – there are three of each weapon combinations and a few “officer” types all done in a similar paint scheme.  I went muted for the color scheme on these guys, and it seemed to turn out ok.  The beards, though were a fun shortcut.  I basecoated all of them (except those that would be black) with Reaper Master Series Bleached Bone and then used washes to tint and shade them the desired color.  It was a nice time-saving technique for tabletop-quality dorfs.

5 thoughts on “¿Qué pasa con todo el azul?”

  1. I really like the way how Rhoven & Co turned out! A very nice addition to your great looking Menoth army is you ask me. You inspired me to paint mine up soon too (after iI have worked through the rest of my WIP stuff 😉 )

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a male human fighter with a goatee beard, wearing leather armor and bearing a sword.

    Do you know of any? What’s the name, so I can look it up on Reaper?


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